Business Address Service

business address service

A business address service can give your company a professional appearance and a sense of privacy. It is important to separate your business from your home, because you can end up with irate customers and other business-related issues if your business includes your home address. If you do this, you will be inviting problems and potential harassment.

Virtual office addresses

A virtual office address is a good way to present your business in a professional manner and to give your company a more established vibe. Besides, having a business address allows you to receive and send mail to your customers and clients. In addition, you can easily notify your virtual office receptionist when your mailbox is full or a package is delivered. A recent study showed that 88% of employees were working from a virtual office.

Moreover, a virtual office solution allows you to save on overhead costs and other hidden costs. A virtual office address provides you with an address with a professional area code. This will reassure your clients that your business is legitimate. You can also make use of advanced meeting facilities. Using a virtual office will also help you avoid the expenses of commuting every day. In addition, it will allow you to expand your business without moving to a new location.

Anytime Mailbox

With the Anytime Mailbox business address service, your business can get a real street address in more than 1,300 locations. The service also offers services like check deposit and mail and package forwarding. Anytime uses third-party companies to provide business address services, so you must do your homework to make sure the service offers the features you need.

As an added benefit, Anytime Mailbox partners with an online notary service called Notarize to certify the form. This ensures that all information exchanged is secure. The service also provides shredding for sensitive mail. Additionally, any customer can choose to have their mail forwarded or scanned. Customers also have the option to select from a list of authorized recipients.

Planet Express

Planet Express is a delivery service based in the Futurama series. It is a subsidiary of the Intergalactic Stock Exchange and is founded by Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth as a way to fund research. The company employs a variety of individuals to deliver packages.

Its prices are reasonable and easy to understand. If you’re a one-time shopper, you can save on shipping costs by choosing the Planet Express One Package Plan. If you’re a regular shopper, the Consolidated Package Plan is a better choice.


iPostal2 is a digital business address service that offers a variety of features. One of these features is digital mailbox software. This technology allows the delivery and management of mail and packages remotely. With these features, you can better manage your mail and packages, and increase your productivity.

Another feature is its unlimited online address book. It can store up to two GB of information, so you can receive and store unlimited documents and mail. Additionally, you can deposit checks directly into your bank account. This service is easy to use, and you can even send and receive mail from a variety of carriers. Moreover, it is easy to set up and requires little time.