Choosing a Singapore Virtual Office

singapore virtual office

When you are looking for a Singapore virtual office, you should consider a few factors. These include cost-effectiveness, quality of staff, location and reliability. By using these tips, you’ll find a great service for your business needs. Whether you’re a solopreneur or a well-established company, you’ll have the right space to meet your needs.


Setting up a virtual office in Singapore can be a cost-effective option, especially if you’re just starting out. You’ll have all the benefits of a traditional office at a much lower cost. Furthermore, a Singapore virtual office can give you access to an elite corporate address in the city. It’s a great choice for startups and small businesses alike. There are several locations in Singapore where you can rent a virtual office.

One of the most important factors in choosing a virtual office is its location. A good location is an essential part of any business, and having an address in a prime location can help you create a good first impression. In Singapore, you’ll find central business districts, such as Raffle Quay, Shenton Way, and Clarke Quay. You’ll also want to consider accessibility – your virtual office should be easily accessible to potential customers and clients.

Quality of staff

Choosing a Singapore virtual office provider is a good idea if you’re looking to save money and time. Many of these providers provide mail handling, receptionist services, and support teams, which means that you won’t have to worry about the logistics of managing your own office. In addition, you’ll benefit from their proximity to major financial institutions and multinational corporations in the area.

Servcorp is one such provider. They offer high-quality virtual office services in Singapore and many other locations around the world. With their headquarters in New Zealand and more than 60,000 other companies in 150 prominent locations around the world, Servcorp is regarded as one of the most reputable names in the flexible office industry. Their highly trained administrative staff and advanced technology make them an excellent choice for your company’s needs. You can choose to upgrade your package as your business grows.


Setting up a Singapore virtual office is an ideal way to reach a wider market. The island city is well known for its business climate and is considered one of the world’s most favourable business destinations. Its Ease of Doing Business ranking places it in second place among Asian countries, and its proximity to the huge Asian market provides a number of advantages. The first hurdle to overcome is finding a suitable location. The cost of renting office space in the city’s premier locations is high, and small businesses tend to look for cheaper alternatives. A Singapore virtual office is a simple and affordable solution.

Depending on the size of your business, a Singapore virtual office can range in price from SGD 40 a month to SGD 300 a month. The cost of these services is considerably less than what you would pay for traditional office space in Singapore, which can cost between two to three thousand SGD per month. If you are looking for an affordable virtual office in Singapore, a specialist can help you find a location that fits your needs. Moreover, the Singapore economy is predicted to stabilise and grow by 3.2% by the year 2022.


In Singapore, there are many options for setting up a virtual office. The Rovva network offers several virtual offices in prime locations such as Paya Lebar Quarter, Jurong, Changi, and Fullerton. Prices for a Regus virtual office start at S$178 per month, and various services are available. Payment terms are also flexible.

A virtual office is a cost-effective way to start a business in Singapore. It is less expensive than traditional office spaces, and it allows you to work from home or wherever you want. Furthermore, a Singapore virtual office address can help you establish credibility and professionalism among your customers.